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About Project Nature

Project Nature is an organization that began in April, 1998. Project Nature seeks to help children and adults in Southern New Hampshire gain and develop a better sense of relationship with the  natural world. Through day camps, nature walks, school programs, discussion groups, and courses in environmental arts, children and adults develop the skills and desire necessary to enhance the well-being of all inhabitants of the planet Earth.

It is the role of Project Nature to introduce new ways to think about the earth. We often think of the earth and its many life forms as objects, “things” for study and experimentation. Project Nature offers an alternative approach whereby the natural world becomes a subject, an entity separate from ourselves, worthy of love, respect and consideration. Project Nature introduces five key words for building a sense of relationship with the earth:

  • Caring: Performing simple acts of kindness to wild creatures.
  • Depending: Discovering that all of earth’s life forms are interconnected like a web.
  • Respecting: Exploring the differences between humans and other animals.
  • Understanding: Learning about plants and animals.
  • Bonding: Celebrating our relationship with the earth.
Since 1998, Project Nature has offered programs for children that explore these key themes through earth-centered activities. Children learn about the natural flow of energy from the sun to all living creatures. They study animal behavior and natural habitats. They learn that all living creatures have a niche and an important role to play in an ecosystem. Children learn to express their connection with other creatures through music making, story weaving, acting and role-playing, and creating visual arts. Each program is a magical and adventurous journey which invites children to see, smell, hear, taste and touch the natural world while building a sense of relationship with the earth in all its beauty.