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In November

In November

Do you LOVE Cynthia Rylant? Do your children LOVE puppet?

Project Nature's Earthtales - In November
In November is my featured program this month. Soft, singable music with a bit of sign language, children sleeping under a snowy “bed” and watercolor crayons bring this story to life! An absolute favorite among preschool and kindergarten children.

November is cold time, slow time, snow time. November is the soft time of the year.

Journey with me, Mary Doane, to winter’s gate. Lyrical language and rich, cozy paintings depict the cherished moments of this glorious autumn month. Our animal puppet friends will join us in singing a gentle song about the sights, sounds and delicious smells of November. We’ll transform into winter animals that hide beneath a blanket of snow until it’s “Time to wake UP!” We’ll finish our program using magic crayons to create a colorful picture of thanksgiving. Sights, sounds, and smells distinguish November, the month that is at winter’s gate. Come along with us!

In November program tidbits:

  • We’ll sing In November, a gentle ballad-type song with these lyrics: November is cold time, slow time, snow time! November is the soft time of the year.
  • I will read In November, written by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Jill Kastner.
  • Animal puppets will come out in turn to greet the children and speak of their November lives. The children will meet a bumble bee, turtle, mouse and more.
  • A movement activity in which the children take turns transforming into animals hibernating under a blanket of snow. Imagination is a must as the children use a big white sheet to cover the hibernating “animal” on the floor. After a few moments of quiet hibernation we say, “Time to wake up!” We lift the sheet (or melt the snow, if your imagination is turned up high) and the next “animal” prepares to hibernate. Giggles galore accompany the movement part of the program.
  • Art involves using watercolor (a/k/a “magic”) crayons to create a winter scene.
  • Watch a video of the story  from “Story Time With Erin” (YouTube Channel)
  • Contact me at or call 603-463-8988.