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Earthtales is lively and engaging, and tackles important issues in a developmentally appropriate way.
My students absolutely adore Mary!

Andrea Murphy, Dir.
 Hogarth Country Day School, Epping

...a note from Mary Doane, Dir. of Project Nature

I have always been inspired by the music of composer Paul Winter,
and in particular, the lyrics of the song Small, Green Island:

You and I on a small, green island, spinning round and round in space.
And this small, green island is a living Being.
And we are living proof of her grace.

Paul Winter
While I am struck with the elegant simplicity of these words, I am also moved by their meaning and implications for furthering Project Nature’s primary goal of helping children build a sense of relationship with the natural world. I think Paul Winter uses the word “grace” to describe beauty and charm, a sense of what is right and good. If this is true, then Winter’s use of the word “we” must necessarily extend beyond humanity to include all beings and life forms. All that lives and breathes and comes from the Earth is a testament to Earth’s grace.

So “we” -all things- are connected because we share in this idea of grace, or what is beautiful and good. At the the same time, “we” are all different expressions of Earth’s grace. Squirrels are expressions of grace who wear fluffy tails! Spiders are signs of grace with eight legs. Birds are reminders that grace can fly! Finally, children are expressions of grace who wear their curiosity and wonder like a turtle wears a shell.

These are my thoughts as I prepare for another year of educational programming. My hope is the same as in years past: that through Wild About Turtles, Earthtales, and Tortuga Tales children will experience a deep and enduring bond with the earth and other animals. Surely, the bond already exists. The journey began a long time ago. My job is to move children forward in their travels offering them additional proof of Earth’s grace.